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Server Stuff (and Inactivity)
Server Stuff (and Inactivity)

Server Stuff (and Inactivity)

I haven’t really been using this site as much as I wanted to. Mostly because I don’t like to overshare. I figure people want to see cool things rather than the small, unnecessary details about what is happening in my life.

So here is a cool detail…

If you haven’t seen in previous posts, I have a home server rack that I’m rather fond of. Said previous post also shows it in a very sad state being cobbled together with a few Home Depot shelves and wires everywhere. When I moved into my new place, I finally upgraded to a big boy 15U server rack where I can actually hid my wiring (kinda). I also added a new VM server running Proxmox (like my other VM server) to learn how clustering works. This server was also my first 12th generation Dell server, which was definitely exciting. I also had to buy a beefier UPS as my old one was a bit unhappy with how much power it needed to provide.

I might post specs in a future post.

But, enough talking. Here is my rack in all it’s glory.

Really cool image of my server rack.

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